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Tuyển dụng Operations Manager (Micro-Finance Unit)

Địa điểm tuyển dụng: Hà Nội
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Micro Finance program’s mission is to foster improvement in the quality of life among the clients in Vietnam by assisting the economically active poor and graduating the moderate and poorest of the poor into entrepreneurial skills. This will be accomplished through a sustainable Micro Finance program that provides access to loans, savings and insurance within ADPs All aspects of the services that MF program delivers are built to lead the development of appropriate models, capacities and systems for Micro enterprise development in Vietnam, resulting in sustainable economic development as part of WVI transformational development ministry throughout ADP communities.
MF Program is structured in two management levels: central office in Hanoi and branch office at provincial and/ or regional level. All direct transactions with clients including clients screening, loan processing and loan collection are carried out at communities’ level through a network of local staff.
PURPOSE: To provide effective leadership and management of the micro-finance program for its efficient operation and long-term sustainability at both branch & head office levels
1. Organizing and Implementation:
- Viable MF Program overall business plan is developed in careful consultation among the team, ensuring the alignment with WVV’s strategy as well as VFI’s.
- The MF Program strategy, three year business plans, and the annual operating plans are implemented in accordance with World Vision’s Core Values, Mission Statement and relevant WV/ VFI policies and protocols.
- Appropriate, effective and efficient monitoring tools and systems for the MF Program operations are established.
- Operations manual and procedures concerning lending methodologies, financial services, internal control system and other relevant documents are developed, revised and updated according to the standardized system of VFI.
- Products are revised and or newly developed based on market surveys and client regular feedbacks.
- The integration of MF Program operation with WVV ADP/projects and external organizations is promoted.
- Proposal for funding is developed whenever appropriate
2. Monitor, follow-up and reporting:
- The MF Program plan and targets are achieved, variances (if any) are properly identified and explained, and correction actions are taken.
- All operation policies and procedures are applied consistently, uniformly and in compliance across all branches.
- Rapid scaling up with quality operational performance consistent with VFI standards for MF Program, local government/Central Bank performance benchmarks and Micro finance best practices in general is ensured.
- Branch operation reports as well as MF Program’s operational and narrative reports are prepared, submitted and distributed to MF Program Advisory Board, Regional & Support Offices, Donors, and Government authorities in a timely manner.
- Audit findings and recommendations on operation are followed up.
- Required information relating to MF Program’s competitors and clients’ feedbacks/concerns are collected/updated and analysed on a regular basis (at least every six months) to come up to recommendations for improvement.
- Ensure that effective internal control and risk management system is established and improved upon.
- Loan tracking system is developed in cooperation with IT team; the system implementation is closely followed up and monitored.
3. Capacity Building:
- Annual leaning needs of all Branch Managers and operation staff are identified and built up by different methods so that their capacity is strengthened.
- Annual training plan is developed to improve competences among operation team.
- Training Curriculum, Training Materials, Valuable Contribution (in a role of key trainer) are made to operation trainings.
- Performance appraisal for operation staff is properly done.
- The job Description, Core Competency of relevant staff are developed and revised when needed.
- Staff (MFU and ADP) understanding of the relationship between VisionFund and World Vision is ensured.
- Leadership, management and day-to-day behaviour and attitudes, which exemplify WVV / MF Program’s Mission, Core Values, Christian identity, the organizational culture and encourage others to follow, are demonstrated.
4. Networking:
- Effective relationships with concerned WVV staff, VFI, AP managers, clients, other local MFIs, organizations, government institutions, donors, and the general public are built and maintained.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Premium health care
- 15 days annual leave
- Training Opportunities

Yêu cầu công việc

- A Bachelor Degree in economics, accounting, business administration or any other social science field.
- Al least 5 years experience at a senior managerial level.
- Experience in MF management.
- Fluency in English, both written and spoken.
- Must be willing to travel to provinces frequently and ability to work under pressure
- Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.
- Very good communication and marketing skills.
- Good analytical and problem solving skills.
- Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team.
- Demonstrated high level of ethical commitment and trustworthiness.
- Dynamic personality to be able to work and maintain good relations with different types of people and team spirit.
- Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of rectitude.

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Địa chỉ: 4th Floor, HEAC building,14-16 Ham Long, Hanoi

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